The Hague, September 1, 2020 – The area around The Hague Central Station is one of the places where the city wants to realize homes and workplaces for the rapidly growing urban population in the coming years. The Bellevue location (the area between the Rijnstraat, Koningin Julianaplein, Bezuidenhoutseweg and the Oranjebuitensingel, next to the Hoftoren) will be transformed into a modern and lively part of the city center. The plan embodies a mixed-use program of amenities, 1,200 apartments and 28,000 m2 of office space. A substantial part of the housing program is allocated to social and affordable rent. The ground floor of the two towers will facilitate a fitness center, childcare, bicycle repair shop and meeting places for residents, office users and visitors. The development plans were explained tonight during an online information meeting. The construction of the Bellevue location is planned to start in 2023.

The integrated development of the Bellevue location fits in well with the need of the municipality of The Hague to realize new homes for the rapidly growing urban population and to further boost the economic development of the Central Innovation District (CID). The Bellevue location will become a landmark high-rise location and will soon also form a logical connection between the modern and the historic parts of the city, connecting The Hague Central Station to the shopping and recreational areas. The proposed plan concerns a new development with a mixed-use program, comprising offices, facilities and meeting places in the urban layer. Green roofs and facades are integrated into the building. There will be two towers of approximately 180 meters with (rental) homes for a broad urban target group (young and elderly) who would like to live in a dynamic and inspiring environment, in the middle of the city center with its facilities, the greenery of the Koekamp and nearby public transport.

The Atrium: a new meeting place at the heart of the building

The semi-public atrium at the core of the building, which will be situated at the intersection of the new (to be created) pedestrian pathways, connects the new development with the Central Station on one side, and the historical part of the city on the other side. High-quality facilities situated on the ground floor in the atrium will be available for residents, office users and the surrounding area. The atrium will be a pleasant place to stay with a lot of attention for greenery embedded in a healthy and clean environment. The green courtyard will be connected to the garden of the Hoftoren and will also be an asset to the city. The monumental facade of the building at Bezuidenhoutseweg 3 will be included in the new building.

Pleasant and inclusive community

The apartment types adhere to the “urban living concept” (a mix of studios, lofts, 1, 2 and 3 room apartments) and are for everyone who is attracted to an urban lifestyle. The plan also includes social rental housing and affordable rent. This makes the urban lifestyle accessible to those who now experience difficulties in finding an affordable home in the city, such as employees in healthcare, education, the police and other middle-income households. The Hague housing corporation Staedion is one of the owners of the Bellevue site and is actively involved in the development of the plan. Staedion  acknowledges this is a unique opportunity to operate and manage sustainable, social rental properties on this exceptional location. The diversity makes the homes attractive to a broad public, ranging from starters (young professionals) to people who have passed the age of 55 and who – when the children have left home – are looking for a new engaging inner-city living environment. Also elderly people who enjoy (appreciate) a vibrant lifestyle and attach great value to cultural and social contact can find a place there. Larger apartments are available especially for families who want to live in the city. The urban living concept matches the wishes of the target groups in a dynamic urban environment with services such as a fitness, recreational and meeting rooms, childcare, work-and-art workshops, modern postal services, coffee bar, sustainable and digital mobility hub and a bicycle repair shop.

Different office concepts

The location offers modern and high-quality office space, suitable for large corporate companies, as well as plenty of space to foster creativity and opportunities for residents of the residential towers. Various hybrid office concepts suit this location, such as popular co-working spaces for freelancers and freelancers who do not need their own office space but nevertheless occasionally want to spar with colleagues.

Sustainable and “smart mobility and efficient logistics

Parking is solved underground. In addition to a traditional parking garage, there will be a mobility hub where residents, office users and visitors can go for their mobility needs. In addition to the approximately 2,500 bicycle parking spaces, there will be parking space for mobility scooters and other vehicles for people with disabilities. In order not to burden the environment, the logistics of loading and unloading will be solved indoors and there will be central facilities for waste collection and parcel delivery.

Impulse that benefits the Central Innovation District

In December 2018, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the Development Area Agenda ‘Policy Campus Central’ in which the Bellevue site was designated for re-development. PATRIZIA (investor and developer), in consultation with the other owners of the Bellevue site (Staedion, Downtown Developers and PATRIZIA), has taken the initiative to conduct studies for the integrated re-development of the site in close consultation with the Municipality of The Hague. The plans have been prepared taking into account the key policy documents of the Municipality The Hague, amongst others, The Hague Mobility Agenda, the Housing Agenda and the High-Rise Buildings Design Guidelines of The Hague Haagse Hoogbouw ‘Eyeline & Skyline’. The ‘Policy Campus Central’ development agenda offers space for densification around the Central Station. Within the current high-rise landscape surrounding the Central Station, the Bellevue towers will be the crowning glory of the station location. The two towers are of the same height, but will not be identical. In preparation of the sketch design, the existing urban environment has been taken into account and studies regarding city sightlines, light, shadow, wind and traffic have been conducted. Patrizia has hired architecture firm Rijnboutt and consultancy firm BBN to provide the studies. Rijnboutt has designed the urban plan and structure design, BBN provides technical project management and construction cost advice.

In dialogue with the public

The plans for the Bellevue location have been developed with regard to the various stakeholders, the public, the complexity of the area and the many interests involved. The municipality is currently preparing a Development Framework (PUK) in consultation with the owners of the Bellevue site. The PUK document sets out the main principles and spatial conditions for future development. Before the PUK is approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the Municipality Council is informed, the owners will present the proposed plans to the residents and other stakeholders in the area by means of an online public consultation process in a format of webinars. Two more online public participation meetings (webinars) will take place on 10 and 21 September. You can register via www.bellevue-denhaag.nl. Today’s webinar was recorded. Recording is available on this website.

The administrative process of the plans is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Residents and stakeholders will be involved in the further development of the plans. The zoning plan process will follow after that. The public will be invited to present their views on this.