Monday 21st of September 2020

Invitation to online public participation meeting

The development plans concerning the Bellevue-site are currently in the Sketch Design phase. On Thursday, September 21st (19.00 pm - 20.00 pm), the third online public participation meeting will take place (webinar in Dutch only). For registration, please click below.

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New Development Bellevue Site

The area around the Central Station of The Hague will be upgraded and modernized in the coming years. The ambition is to enhance the area to make it an attractive and bustling heart of the city. A place where economic growth and employment can develop in a pleasant, more vital and green environment in which living, working and leisure reinforce each other. The owners of the office buildings located between the Rijnstraat, Koningin Julianaplein 2, Bezuidenhoutseweg 1, 5, 11, 27-29 and Oranjebuitensingel 6, have taken the initiative to re-develop the so-called Bellevue-site next to the Central Station into an attractive and sustainable livingworking  and recreational area.

The proposed plan concerns a new development with a mixed-use program, comprising offices and amenities located in the urban layer and green recreational spaces integrated into the building. Two towers will house (rental) apartments for a wide target group (young and elderly households) who would like to live in a dynamic and vital environment in the heart of the city, surrounded by greenery, close to public transportation modes and with access to a wide range and high quality of modern amenities. One of the important highlights of the envisaged development is addition of a semi-public atrium at the core (heart) of the building, which will be situated at the intersection of the new (to be created) pedestrian pathways connecting the new development with the Central Station on the one side, and the historical part of the city and the Koekamp on the other side. High-quality amenities will be situated on the ground floor in the atrium and available for residents, office users and the public. The atrium will be a pleasant place to stay with a lot of attention for greenery, good quality air, lighting and a healthy and clean environment. The green courtyard will be connected to the garden of the Hoftoren and will will also be an asset to the city.

Ambitions of the Municipality of The Hague

In December 2018, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the Development Area Agenda ‘Policy Campus Central’ in which the Bellevue site was designated for re-development. PATRIZIA (investor and developer), in consultation with the other owners of the Bellevue site (Staedion, Downtown Developers and PATRIZIA), has taken the initiative to conduct studies for the integral re-development of the site in close consultation with the municipality of The Hague. The plans have been prepared taking into account the key policy documents of the municipality of The Hague, among others, The Hague Mobility Agenda, the Housing Agenda and the High-Rise Buildings Design Guidelines of The Hague Haagse Hoogbouw ‘Eyeline & Skyline’. The “Policy Campus Central” development agenda offers opportunities for densification around the Central Station. The integral development of the Bellevue site fits in well with the ambition of the municipality of The Hague to increase housing supply in the fast-growing city and to stimulate economic growth and development of the Central Innovation District (CID). The Bellevue site will be a prominent high-rise location and thereby will become a connecting node between the modern and the historic parts of the city, connecting The Hague Central Station to the shopping and recreational area. A new-build project will be realized on the Bellevue site, consisting of a mixed-use development program catering to a wide resident and office occupier group, offering high quality amenities, services and meeting places in the urban layer. Sustainability and greenery will be integrated in the design of the project, such as green roofs and facades. In preparation of sketch design, the existing urban environment has been taken into account as well as light and shadow, wind, traffic studies have been conducted. The position of main sight corridors of the city has been respected in relation to the positioning of the buildings and their connectivity with the existing buildings.


In dialogue with main stakeholders

The  owners of the Bellevue site are delighted to invite key stakeholders who live, work or have a direct interest in the area to discuss and provide feedback on the proposed plans. The plans are in the sketch design phase and have been developed in close consultation with the municipality of The Hague, taking into account the existing building environment, the complexity of the area and the interests of various stakeholders involved. The online public consultation process will take place in September and consist of three online public consultation meetings (webinars), where key stakeholders are kindly invited to participate and share insights and ideas. Due to covid-19 government measures and public gathering restrictions, these meetings will be organized digitally (virtually).

The public consultation  process starts with an informative meeting on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. During this meeting the future development plans will be presented to the public and the representatives of the municipality of The Hague and the urban planner (architect) will explain how the proposed development plans will contribute to the ambitions of the city and their fit with the city development agenda ‘Policy Campus Central’.

The webinar will be in Dutch. An English summary will be published on this website afterwards.

Online public consultation meeting (webinar) in September: Register here!

Upon completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation with a link to the online meeting (webinar). During the webinar you will have an opportunity to raise your questions. Due to time constraints, questions that cannot be answered immediately will be answered later by e-mail and posted in the FAQ section on the online (digital) platform. If you have any questions or comments afterwards, please use our contact form available at www.bellevue-denhaag.nl. We do our best to answer your question at earliest convenience.

Presentations and webinars can be followed live (in Dutch only). Recordings and English summaries will be available on the website afterwards.

We would also like to hear your opinion on several subjects. The survey is an important part of the public consultation process. Your participation is highly appreciated.


New Development Bellevue Site


The Hague, September 1, 2020 – The area around The Hague Central Station is one of the places where the city wants to realize homes and workplaces for the rapidly growing urban population in the coming years. The Bellevue location (the area between the Rijnstraat, Koningin Julianaplein, Bezuidenhoutseweg and the Oranjebuitensingel, next to the Hoftoren) will be transformed into a modern and lively part of the city center.

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Contact and More Information

In case you have any questions regarding the development plans and/or would you like to stay updated, please fill in the contact form below.

The municipality is currently preparing Development Framework (PUK) in consultation with the owners of the Bellevue site. The PUK document sets out the main principles and spatial, urban requirements, building envelope, heights, development program/uses, qualitative requirements in relation to the proposed development plans as well as outlines the public consultation process. Prior to informing the Municipality Council about the PUK, the public is invited to participate in the public consultation process.

The participation process with residents and other key stakeholders involved in the area consists of three online meetings (webinars) held throughout the month of September. The public is kindly invited to share their views by participating in an  online survey, which will be available upon registration. The first online public meeting will be held on the 1st of September.

The minutes of the meetings, Q&A results and any other important materials as well as the results of the online public consultation survey will form part of the PUK document. The administrative process of the plans is expected to be completed by the end of this year

Upon approval of the PUK document, the plans will move into design phase, where the results of the public participation process will be taken into account. The final design documents and a new zoning plan (which will be prepared by the municipality after PUK process) will be presented and discussed with the public and key stakeholders. Public and key stakeholders will be invited to actively participate throughout the whole development process.


You can register on this website in the registration section.  Upon completing the registration form and its submission, you will receive a confirmation by email. Prior to the webinar, you will receive reminders containing the personal access link to follow the webinar live.

The webinars will be recorded and available on this website.

During the online public consultation meetings (webinars), you will be given an  opportunity to raise questions. We will do our outmost to give answers directly during the webinar. We apologize in advance should we not be able to answer all the questions of the audience during the webinar due to time constraints. All questions will be given response to. You will receive an answer by email and the answers will be available in the FAQ section on the website. If you have any questions after the meeting, you can always raise  them by submitting the contact form on this website.

The webinars will be available in Dutch only. However, an English summary of each webinar will be published on this site afterwards.